Elect Sonny for HD 48

Elect Sonny for Oregon’s House District 48

Hello, Oregonians -

My name is George Yellott, much better known to all my friends as “Sonny.” I am not a professional politician; I am a very concerned citizen.

See my video on YouTube.

I do not profess to have any special insight; however, I can see things that need to be re-adjusted so they will perform, as a healthy, functioning society should.  Taxes are going up. Businesses are closing and cutting back.  Way too many people are on food stamps and other forms of subsidy. People are losing their homes with no relief in sight.  Local Politicians are on a spending binge.

I will be a genuine citizen legislator, one who has lived this experience from the same perspective, and on the same level, you and those of yours have, and are, experiencing daily.

I think I can have a positive impact on the decisions made in Salem.  However, I need the power of your vote to have that impact.

Its OK, we are Oregonians!

Thank you for your time

Sincerely, Sonny